Industrial Borescope


VJ Articulating Video Borescope

The Thinnest High Grade Mode 2.8mm VJ-ADV

Super-Thin Full Articulation
In addition to all VJs that have defied conventional products, we have added the word thinnest model, 2.8mm full articulating video borescope. 2.8mm VJ enables you to go deeper inside that cannot be achievable with any other products.

Synchronized Strobe LEDs
Just like our 3.9mm VJ-ADV, the new 2.8mm VJ-ADV utilizes the synchronized strobe LED. The strobe us synchronized with frame rate of the micro-camera and brings high-intensity light ever.

Stand-Alone imaging Unit
The VJ-ADV is an all-in-one system that combines an articulating video borescope with an on-board imaging system. As you conduct an inspection and saved directly to the built-in micro SD card with the click of your index finger. The intuitive control panel allows you to review stored images and videos on the built-in 3.5" LCD monitor.

Joystick-Controlled Articulation
The VJ-ADV provides tip throught the use of a thumb-activated joystick. This joystick responds to the slightest movement of your thumb and allows full movement of the camera tip 90 degrees in all directions.


Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 2.8mm
  Length (meter/inch) 1.0m (391)
Exterior Polyethylene Tube
  Waterproof Splash Proofed Insertion Tube and To
  Chemical Compatibility Machine Oil, Heating Oil, Engine Oil, 35% Concentrated Saltwater, Diesel Fuel
Optics Field of View (H/V) 70° / 70°
  F No. F5.3
  Depth of Field 10mm - 40mm
  Illumination Method Optical Fiber
Articulation Articulation Range 360° (over 90° in every direction)
  Articulation Control Joystick with "Direct Control" Mechanism
  Rigid Distal End Length 14mm
LCD Monitor 3.5inch Color Digital LCD
GAIN Adjustment 5 Levels
Still Capture! Record Function Still Image (No LED Flash Capturing)
Time-lapse Recording (Video)
Input /Output Video Output 2.5mm Stereo Mini Jack for RCA Video Output
Terminal USB Output Mini B Terminal Ver. 2.0 Video Capture Output (Includes Driver /Viewer Software)
  Audio Output Monaural Flat Jack for Hands -free Earphone
Microphon Output Monaural Flat Jack for Hands -free Microphone
Storage Storage Media MicroSD Card (Max.2GB)
  Still Image JPEG 400x400 pixels
  Video MotionJPEG (AVI file extension)
400X400pixels 15-30fps
Voice recording function via the attached microphone
  Storage Capacity
(with 1GB MicroSD Card)
Still Image: Max. 500 pictures
Still Image: Max. 500 pictures
Approx. 9 hours (Time-lapse Mode)
Playback Function Still Image:Thumbnail 9 -image Display/ Full Screen Display
Video :Play, Pause
Menu Operation Image Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness)
Delete Stored Image
Time and Date Setting
Language: Japanese / English
USB Mass Storage
Operating Temperature (Insertion Tube) In Air-30°C-60°C(-22F-14o•F) Under water:N/A
Power Supply DC DC 6V [four AA alkaline batteries]
  AC AC Adaptor (IN 100v — 24ovoUT 6V/2.5A)
Operating Time Max. thr (with four AA alkaline batteries)
Weight 470g (without batteries)
Carrying Case 495 x 420 x 145 mm (19 x 17 x 5 inch)


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