DB2000 Series Digital Indicating Controller

The DB2000 series is a 96 X 96mm digital indicating controller with the indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the control cycle of approximately 0.1 seconds.
The configuration of highly functional system is enabled by various options including 2 transmission signal outputs, 2 communications ports and arbitrarily-allocation of digital inputs.

Large easy-to-view 5-digit display.
Highly-functional operation screen and settings screen.
Outstanding controllability.
Versatile control functions provided.
Communications 2-port type provided.
Transmission signal 2-output type available.
READY function provided.
DI arbitrarily-allocation.
Heater disconnection alarm.
Conforming to international safety standards and European directives (CE).
Conforming to RoHS


Model Control mode(Output No.1)
DB2010B000 ON-OFF pulse type PID
DB2020B000 ON-OFF servo type PID(Standard load specification)
DB2030B000 Current output type PID
DB2050B000 SSR drive pulse type PID
DB2060B000 Voltage output type PID
DB2080B000 ON-OFF servo type(Very light load specification)


Input type ThermocoupleB, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, WRe5-WRe26, W-WRe26, NiMo-Ni, CR-AuFe, PR5-20, PtRh40-PtRh20, Platinel II, U, L
DC voltage ±10mV, ±20mV, ±50mV, ±100mV, ±5V, ±10V
DC current0 to 20mA
Resistance thermometerPt100, JPt100, Old Pt100, JPt50, Pt-Co
Accuracy rating ±0.1% of measuring range ± 1 digit
*For details, refer to [Detailed specifications of accuracy ratings].
Reference temperature compensation accuracy K, E, J, T, N, Platinel II --- ±0.5°C or a value equivalent to ±20µV, whichever is greater
(at ambient temperature of 23°C ± 10°C)
Others --- ±1.0°C or a value equivalent to ±40µV, whichever is greater
Sampling period Approx. 0.1 seconds
Displays element Upper display LED
Lower display LCD (with back light) 108 x 24 dots
Display content Upper display: PV 5-digit, SV 5-digit, status indications, etc.
Lower display: MV, output status, setting screens, etc.
Control cycle Approx. 0.1 seconds
Output type ON-OFF pulse type, ON-OFF servo type, Current output type, SSR drive pulse type, Voltage output type
SV relations SV 8 types (maximum 5 digits setting)
SV range
SV rate-of-change
Control relations PID 8 types
P : 0 to 999.9%
I : 1 to 9999 seconds
D : 0 to 9999 seconds
A.R.W. (Anti reset windup)
High limit --- 0 to 100.0%
Low limit --- -100 to 0.0%
Number of alarm points 4 points
Alarm types Absolute value alarm, deviation alarm, absolute value deviation alarm, setting value alarm, output value alarm, control loop abnormality alarm, FAIL, timer
Output signal Relay output signal (a contact)
Rated power voltage General power supply specifications 100 to 240VAC
24V power supply specifications 24VAC/24VDC
Rated power supply frequency General power supply specifications 50/60Hz
24V power supply specification 50/60Hz (24VAC)
Maximum power consumption General power supply specifications
Without options 100VAC 10VA/240VAC 15VA
24V power supply specifications
Without options 24VAC 10VA/24VDC 5W
Working temperature range -10 to 50°C
Working humidity range 10 to 90%RH
Color Gray or black
External dimensions 96 (H) x 96 (W) x 127 (D)
*The depth from the front panel is 120mm
Weight Without options Approx. 450g
CE EN61326: 1997 +A1+A2+A3
EN61010-1: 2001 (Overvoltage category II, pollution degree 2)
UL UL61010-1 2nd edition
c-UL CAN/CSA C22.2 No.61010-1-04


PS Sheet DB2000 Series PSE-357 Download
Instruction Manual DB2000 Series INE-805A
Communication Manual DB2000 Series INE-806
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