KR2000/3000 Series Graphic Recorder with Measured Data Protection

KR2000/3000 Series paperless recorders that prevent falsification of data to meet the requirements of FDA 21CFR Part11 for medicinal chemical manufacturing. Employs high visibility display and high operating function. Also it realize data recording and management by easy operation.

Easy operation
Touch screen (KR3000)
High speed sampling 100ms
Export data to USB flash drive
LAN network capability
Various functions such as clculation



Model Specification Remarks
KR2P60MN0A 6 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P20MN0A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P61MN0A 6 points/1s Accessories
KR2P21MN0A 12 points/1s Accessories
Communications interface (option)
Model Specification Remarks
KR2P60M⬚0A 6 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P20M⬚0A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P61M⬚0A 6 points/1s Accessories
KR2P21M⬚0A 12 points/1s Accessories
⬚: N: None
R: High-order (RS232C/RS485)
Q: High-order (RS232C/RS485) + Low-order (RS485)
Digital input/Alarm output (option)
Model Specification Remarks
KR2P60MN⬚A 6 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P20MN⬚A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR2P61MN⬚A 6 points/1s Accessories
KR2P21MN⬚A 12 points/1s Accessories
⬚: 0: None
1: Mechanical relay output 12 points (a contact)
2: Mechanical relay output 6 points (c contact)
7: Digital input 8 points + MOS relay output 8 points


Model Specification Remarks
KR3P20-N0A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P40-N0A 24 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P60-N0A 36 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P80-N0A 48 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P21-N0A 12 points/1s Accessories
KR3P41-N0A 24 points/1s Accessories
KR3P61-N0A 36 points/1s Accessories
KR3P81-N0A 48 points/1s Accessories
Communications interface (option)
Model Specification Remarks
KR3P20-⬚0A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P40-⬚0A 24 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P60-⬚0A 36 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P80-⬚0A 48 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P21-⬚0A 12 points/1s Accessories
KR3P41-⬚0A 24 points/1s Accessories
KR3P61-⬚0A 36 points/1s Accessories
KR3P81-⬚0A 48 points/1s Accessories
⬚: N: None
R: High-order (RS232C)
S: High-order (RS422A/RS485)
Digital input/alarm output (option)
Model Specification Remarks
KR3P20-N⬚A 12 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P40-N⬚A 24 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P60-N⬚A 36 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P80-N⬚A 48 points/100ms Accessories
KR3P21-N⬚A 12 points/1s Accessories
KR3P41-N⬚A 24 points/1s Accessories
KR3P61-N⬚A 36 points/1s Accessories
KR3P81-N⬚A 48 points/1s Accessories
⬚: 0: None
1: Alarm output 12 points (a contact)
2: Alarm output 6 points (c contact)
3: Alarm output 24 points (a contact)
4: Alarm output 12 points (c contact)
5: Alarm output 12 points (a contact) + 6 points (c contact)
A: Digital input 8 points
B: Digital input 8 points + alarm output 12 points (a contact)
C: Digital input 8 points + alarm output 6 points (c contact)
D: Digital input 8 points + alarm output 24 points (a contact)
E: Digital input 8 points + alarm output 12 points (c contact)
F: Digital input 8 points + alarm output 12 points (a contact)+ alarm output 6 points (c contact)


Measuring points KR2000 --- 6 points, 12 points
KR3000 --- 12 points, 24 points, 36 points and 48 points
Input types Universal
(Refer to the PS sheet)
Accuracy ratings 0.1% digit (exception)* Measurement range conversion accuracy.
* When sampling rate is set below 0.5s at KR2P61/KR2P21, then input will automatically becomes 4 points and sampling rate will be 100ms.
Reference junction compensation accuracy K, E, J, T, N, Platinelâ…¡--- ±0.5ºC or less
Sampling rate 100ms: Approximately 100ms for all points
1s: Approximately 300ms for all points
Burnout Disconnection of input signal is detected on thermocouple and resistance thermometer input.
Internal memory 512MB
Exterior memory Store the data file to USB flash drive.
Recording cycle 100, 200, 500ms
1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30s
1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60min
Logging data Measured data --- Time of day, month and year of recording start, tag, measured data, alarm status/types, maker text, etc
Setting parameter --- All setting parameter
Comuptation result data
Store types Binary type
Storing methods Manual start/stop
Schedule (designation for time of day and date)
Trigger signal (alarm event, digital input)
Data logging of before and after trigger points
* Pre-trigger is selectableMeasuring numbers of pre-trigger --- Max 950 data
Setups Up to 4 alarms can be programmed per channel
Alarm types Upper limit, lower limit, differential upper limit, differential lower limit (deadband is selectable), abnormal data
Delay function Setup range of alarm delay --- 1 to 3600 seconds
Alarm settings AND/OR selectable
Display types Measured data display
(Trend screen, Data screen, Bar-graph screen)
Historical trend display(simultaneous display with Real-time trend is available)
Information display(alarm display, marker list, file list)
Setting screen
Display pointsTrend screen KR2000 --- Max 44 points
KR3000 --- Max 56 points
The LCD display may contain some pixels that always or never illuminate, and the brightness of some areas of the display may appear uneven. There are typical LCD performance characteristics and do not constitute malfunctions.
Communication type Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
FTP client Transfer a data file to a network server
SNTP client The time can be synchronized to the time of SNTP server
E-Mail E-Mail notification at specified time for alarm activation
Report data at specified time is selectable from all registered dataNotification address --- Maximum 8 contacts
Rated power voltage 100 to 240V AC (universal power supply) 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption KR2000 --- 50VA
KR3000 --- 65VA
Normal operating condition Ambient temperature --- 0 to 50ºC
Ambient humidity --- 20 to 80%RH
Power voltage --- 90 to 264V AC
Power frequency --- 50/60Hz±2%
Attitude --- left/right 0°, forward tilting 0°,
backward tilting 0° to 20°
Weight KR2000 --- About 2.2kg (Max)
KR3000 --- About 7.2kg (Max)
Mounting Panel mounting


Real-time trend screen for KR2000 Series

Bar-graph screen for KR3000 Series

Preventing falsification of data (Binary file example)
Store the file in binary format. Display a message if falsified.

Audit trail (Audit trail screen)
Electronic signature to electronic record file. Display audit operation.

Login Function
Register up to administrators and 100 general users and only registered users can access. Set 10 kinds of access authority and signature level.

Smooth operation by touch screen! (KR3000)

PS Sheet KR23P Series PSE-365 Download
Instruction Manual KR2000P Series INE-834
Instruction Manual KR3000P Series INE-834
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